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Signal Transduction Applet
This applet provides an interface for gene expression data, literature information, and transcription factor binding predictions for the MAPK and PI3-K signalling pathways. Alternatively, you can download the Java application version here.

This database is being built to store data from microarray experiments. The primary focus of these experiments is to elucidate genes induced in apoptotic pathways.

This tool provides a web-based interface for MySQL databases that reside on genomics10.bu.edu

This tool provides a web-based interface for PostgreSQL databases which reside on genomics10.bu.edu

Transfac [v6.1] [v6.4] [v7.4]
Click here for the local version of the Transfac transcription factor database

Operon Oligo set
Click here for information about the Human v2 oligo set.

Microarray Resources
Click here for links to other microarray internet resources.

Click here for a list of relevant microarray papers. They are currently classified into three groups: Review, Experimental, and Analysis.

Apoptosis Resources
Click here for links to apoptosis-related internet resources.

Bioinformatics Prototype Site [ Rev 1; Rev 2; Rev 3 ]
This prototype site will eventually replace the site at http://bioinformatics.bu.edu