Optimus is the supplementary website/database to the paper (toLink). Users can retrieve conserved gene cluster data from a number of microbial genomes as well as perform searches based on genomic context. See paper for detailed description of the method.
Reference: Yu Zheng1, Brian Anton1, Richard Roberts2, Simon Kasif1 (2005) xxx
1. Bioinformatics Graduate Program, Boston University
2. New England Biolabs Inc.

Note: you may need to turn off pop-up blocking programs.
1.View conserved clusters in microbial genomes
Select organism
Conservation Score Cutoff

2. Search/BLAST Optimus (In construction)
Enter ID(e.g.,1786259)
or,enter keyword(e.g.,'pyruvate dehydrogenase')
(Optimus returns genomic contexts that are related with the input terms)
or, input sequence(FASTA or raw sequence)
(Optimus returns similar/homologous genes with their genomic context)

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