Past and Present Computational/Experimenal Researchers affiliated with the LAB


Joel Graber, PhD Cornell (Research Scientist now staff scientist in Bar Harbor, JAX LAB)   

T. M. Murali, PhD Brown (Senior Postdoctoral now Assistant Professor at VPI)

Vladimir Pavlovic, PhD Illiinois (Research Scientist now Assisant Professor at Rutgers)

Richard Beigel, PhD Stanford (Visiting Professor)

David Goddeau, PhD MIT (Visiting Scientist)

Stan Letovsky, PhD Yale (Visiting Professor)

Arthur Liberzon, PhD Weizmann Inst. of Science (Postdoctoral now at Harvard MIT Broad Institute)

Research Assistants, PhD Students  

Yu Jack Zheng (jointly with Rich Roberts, now at New England BioLabs)

Michael Shaffer (jointly with Geoff Cooper, now at Pfizer Discovery Research)

John Zhang (jointly with Charles Cantor, now at CAB)

Ulaz Karaoz (now ZLab)

Megon Walker (PhD 2006)

Sharona Washington (jointly with Kim McKall, received MS)

Dimitri Pervouchine (now postdoc in CBD, BU)

John Rachlin (jointly with Charles Cantor, now at Aventis)

Brian Anton (jointly with Rich Roberts)

Soo Lee (jointly with Charles Cantor and Zhiping Weng )

Terrence Wu ()

J. Faith (mostly in Tim Gardner's Lab)

Manway Liu (jointly with Zak Kohane)

Naoki Nariai ()

Esther Rheinbau (Broad Institute)

Mary Allen (System Admin. of CAGT)


 More Collaborators and Past Ph.D. Students



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