GeneChords is the supplementary website/database to the paper. Users can retrieve conserved gene cluster data from a number of microbial genomes as well as perform searches based on genomic context. GeneChords will be continuously updated(see update log) with newly sequenced microbial genomes. See paper for detailed description of the method.
Reference: Yu Zheng1, Brian Anton1, Richard Roberts2, Simon Kasif1 (2005) BMC Bioinformatics 6:243
1. Bioinformatics Graduate Program, Boston University
2. New England Biolabs Inc.

Note: you may need to turn off pop-up blocking programs.
1.View conserved clusters in microbial genomes
Select database
Select organism
Conservation Score Cutoff

2. Search/BLAST GeneChords (In construction)
Select database
Enter ID(e.g.,1786259)
or,enter keyword(e.g.,'pyruvate dehydrogenase')
(GeneChords returns genomic contexts that are related with the input terms)
or, input sequence(FASTA or raw sequence)
(GeneChords returns similar/homologous genes with their genomic context)

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